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The Chronicles of Narnia
C.S. Lewis, Pauline Baynes
The Book Thief
Trudy White, Markus Zusak
The Lightning Thief
Rick Riordan
Lock and Key
Sarah Dessen
Bad Girls Don't Die
Katie Alender
Hate List
Jennifer Brown
Matthew Quick
Margaret Stohl
Jennifer Rush
The Elite - Kiera Cass I am shaking right now. Full review to come.
The Wrath of Mulgarath - Holly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi A great ending to the series!
Paying For It : a comic-strip memoir about being a john - Chester Brown, Robert Crumb The first book I have ever given 1 star. Full review to come.
Level Up - Gene Luen Yang, Thien Pham This book had a solid plot that kept the story entertaining the whole way though.

Full review to come!
Smile - Raina Telgemeier This was a cute, quick read that I enjoyed. I read this fairly quickly so I am happy I picked this up from the library instead of buying it.

Full review to come!
To Be Perfectly Honest: A Novel Based on an Untrue Story - Sonya Sones This book kept me on my toes and I loved every second of it. This novel was written in verse which made it a quick and easy read. I would recommend this book mostly to young adult readers, but I only regret putting off reading it for so long.

Read the full review at: http://theprincessgummybearreviews.blogspot.ca
The Program - Suzanne Young So many thoughts going through my head ... I'm going to need a few days to collect my thoughts on this book. There were parts of this book that broke my heart and made me sick to my stomach. I didn't want to keep reading, but I also didn't want to stop. This book played with my emotions, but in the end I am glad I had picked it up.

Full review here! http://theprincessgummybearreviews.blogspot.ca/2013/08/the-program-review.html
The Summer I Turned Pretty - Jenny Han I didn't think I would enjoy this at first, but I really loved it! Such a cute, and light contemporary read!

Full review here! http://theprincessgummybearreviews.blogspot.ca/2013/08/the-summer-i-turned-pretty-review.html
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Jennifer E. Smith This book really played with my emotions. It made me bored, then excited, then frustrated, then bubbly, and finally satisfied. This might be my favorite contemporary that I have ever read. I don't know if it is the fact that the main characters were my age, or the fact that this seems more realistic and not so fairy-tale or far-fetched, but I loved it. I definitely swooned over this book, and found myself hugging it when I finished it.

Full review to come!
Sweet Little Lies - Lauren Conrad This book was just okay for me, it is not the best sequel I have ever read. I will be reading the third book in this trilogy, but not for a while. I found the plot to be kind of slow and boring.
The Best and Hardest Thing - Pat Brisson There wasn't enough character development for this to be a good book (in my opinion)
We All Fall Down - Eric Walters Beautifully written book, that makes me cry every time. No review for this one, as it is based on true events. RIP victims of 9/11
Macbeth - William Shakespeare All of the works I have read by Shakespeare, Macbeth is definitely one of my favourites! So much tragedy, secrets, death, and a brilliant fight for power! This is a re-read for me, and it wasn't disappointing.
Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles THAT ENDING THOUGH. Hated it at first, but definitely got better!
Life as It Comes - Anne-Laure Bondoux This book was just okay for me. It wasn't the worst book I've ever read, but it wasn't even close to being the best.
Dead to You - Lisa McMann Oh my god... Speechless. This book made me so emotional, I could barely control it. Powerful story, but some parts seemed rushed, and a character in particular bothered me to no end.

Full review to come.