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Flowers in the Attic; Petals on the Wind (Dollanganger, #1-2) - V.C. Andrews Overall, this book isn't what i thought it was going to be ... AT ALL! So starting with Flowers in the Attic, i didn't really enjoy it because i found the story very strange and not one that i could relate to in any way. I felt the same way about Petals on the Wind, but this one was less strange, and felt more like an adult romance novel; which is weird because this book was in the "young adult" section of my bookstore. While reading these books, i kept forgetting how old Carrie was - she would be in her late twenties and i still kept thinking she was only 16. This book made me very uncomfortable, as it should be for a more mature audience. i plan on finishing the series because i can't leave books unread, and i will be doing a full video review on all of the books on my YouTube channel; ThePrincessGummyBear